UMTS Fundamental

UMTS Fundamental

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Prochaine Session


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The third generation systems “3G” revolutionize the use of internet , addition to the usual voice and messaging services, 3G system will provide mobile users with high-speed data transfer and willsupport multimedia application such as video conferencing.

This course will provide an overview of the WCDMA system, as defined in the 3GPP Release 99 specifications for the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS).adding to that Basic concept of HSDPA and HSUPA are also explored. The course will start with an overview of features for UMTS Release 99, HSDPA, and HSUPA.

The course will continue by examining WCDMA and UMTS Network architecture, Protocol Layers and Channel Descriptions, CDMA Concepts, and Key Physical Layer Concepts for WCDMA.


  •  Present different releases and Give features and capabilities for each release.
  •  Explain the architecture of each subsystem with different Network Elements and functionalities.
  •  Explain radio path basics.
  •  Identify WCDMA basics (power, spreading, codes, etc.).
  •  Explain the radio interface structure and channels (UMTS+HSPA).
  •  Explain radio resource control functionalities.
  •  Explain the concept of signaling.
  •  Explain relation between control plane and user plane.
  •  Study of some call flow.
  • Give an idea about quality of service and differentiate between traffic classes.


The attendee of this course needs to have basic knowledge of telecommunication network and technologies, GSM / GPRS, although this is not a must.


Photo de Mohamed  Reda   Benkhelil

Mohamed Reda Benkhelil

Mohamed  Reda is Senior Radio Optimization Engineer and Trainer with excellent technical skills.

After he finished his graduation from the National Telecommunications Institute of Oran , he started to work as an IT Engineer at Daewoo E&C ,after a while and exactly on July 2012 he joined Telecom operator in Algeria as Radio Optimization Engineer working on the GSM network; starting from the Launch of 3G in Algeria

he was responsible of 3G optimization part ,he was promoted to Senior rank after only two years and half ,his motto is :'We doesn't born master ,but we learn to be . "

 le programme de la formation

Overview of UMTS technology and its evolution:

  •  Definition and historical of UMTS.
  •  Evolution of UMTS.

UMTS network architecture:

  •  Introduction.
  •  UE.
  •  UTRAN.
  •  Core Network.
  •  Interfaces.

Principle of UMTS Air interface:

  •  UMTS air interface technologies FDD Vs TDD.
  •  UMTS air interface description.
  •  Principle of High speed packet access HSxPA.

UMTS functionalities and procedures:

  •  Radio resource management.
  •  Mobility management.
  •  Session management.
  •  Elementary Procedures.

UMTS Signaling Protocols:

  •  Introductions to UMTS Signaling.
  •  Transport Plan: Access Stratum.
  •  Control Plane: Serving Stratum.
  •  User Plane: Application Stratum.
  •  UMTS Release 4 Protocols.

QOS principles:

  • UMTS traffic classes.
  • QOS applied to UMTS .