GSM and UMTS drive test analysis

GSM and UMTS drive test analysis "Alger"

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Prochaine Session


Chaque samedi toute la journée Professionnel: 35000 DA étudiant : 25000 DA (attestation agrée)


35000 DA
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What is drive test?

Drive Test is a known task in optimization field used to give the real picture of radio network in particular area in term of coverage and quality. Once the data has been collected over the desired area, engineers can use the collection and post-processing software to identify the reasons of different radio problems like lack of coverage, bad quality, low throughput ….

A deep analysis is needed then to take proper actions in order to solve these problems


  • Install and understand the interface and the different functionalities of drive test tools.
  • Master GSM drive test analysis
  • Master WCDMA drive test analysis
  • Master Reporting


The attendee to this course must have the basic GSM and WDCMA knowledges:

  • List network components in GSM and WCDMA Network.
  • Briefly describe the Time Division Multiple Access technique(TDMA) and WCDMA.
  • Overview of the air interface, including physical and logical channels.
  • List the protocols used in GSM and WCDMA.
  • Understand the different flow charts related to call setup, handover, location area updat


Photo de Fayçal Bouizem

Fayçal Bouizem

Fayçal BOUIZEM is a telecommunications engineer graduated from the National Telecommunications Institute of Oran on July 2011 as a first Major degree.

Right after this date, he joined Ooredoo Algeria to work as a GSM Radio Network Optimisation Engineer in Algiers. He worked on Ericsson vendorwith several optimization tools used in KPIs monitoring and drive test analysis.  On 2013 he was involved in the team responsible on the deployment of 3G netwrork for the first time in Algeria. He was responsible on intitial tuning, drive test analysis, features activation and test calls

On 2014 Fayçal got promoted to the position of “3G Radio Network Optimization Team Leader” and is responsible on all 3G optimization activities like KPIs monitoring, troubleshooting of accessibility, retainability and capacity issues and reporting of Network Quality status to the management



Photo de . Trainer

. Trainer

Our trainer,  is a Radio Planning and optimization engineer with 3 years of experience in the radio network domain.He is a telecommunication engineer graduated from the National Telecommunications Institute of Oran as a first Major degree.He continue his studies in FRANCE Sophia Antipolis University “Master Telecom”

He joined just after ORANGE Labs as a Network engineer. He joined after mobile telecommunication company as a Radio Network engineer, with tasks related to both domains: Radio Planning & radio Optimization activities. He is working essentially with 2G/3G HUAWEI/ALCATEL technologies (Responsible of CS & PS optimization in 2 RNC’s).

 le programme de la formation
  1. Drive test tool overview

We will use two of the most used tools in telecom field for drive test analysis: “TEMS INVESTIGATION” and “ACTIX ANALYSER”

Upon the completion of this chapter, the student will learn how to:

  • Install and explain the importance of the tool
  • Understand the interface and the different functionalities of each tool
  • Import network parameters and traces from real live network
  1. GSM drive test analysis
  • Show and understand the main radio parameters in GSM (idle mode, dedicated mode) and the different protocol and signaling flowcharts (Mobile originating calls, Mobile terminating calls, SMS, Handover…)
  • Logfile analysis for CS part and identification of different problems: dropped calls, blocked calls, interference…..
  • Logfile analysis for PS part (EGPRS throughput, used modulation…)
  1. WCDMA drive test analysis
  • Explain the main radio parameters and signalling protocols (RRC connesction, RAB establishment, Call Setup, soft/softer handover, IRAT handover….)
  • Logfile analysis for CS part with solutions for the different problems (dropped calls, congestion, lack of coverage, pilot pollution…)
  • Logfile analysisfor PS part with example on HSDPA and HSUPA
  1. Reporting
  • Learn how to export logfiles and KPIs.
  • Learn how to plot coverage and quality status of tested area
  • Learn how to use “mapinfo” Mapinfo is a graphical tool where you can show the sites on a map with plots of coverage and quality.