Network Simulator NS2

Network Simulator NS2

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Prochaine Session:

Prochaine Session




20000 DA
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Volume Horaire

50 heures


Network simulator is a discrete event simulator, it is widely used in many research papers and protocol designprojects, it is free open source andhas a large scientific community, thus it is very well documented. This training is aiming to give the participant a solid background to start using NS2 as a simulator and a developing tool. We will use a project based approach to efficiently assimilate the NS2 modules and concepts to achieve the main goal of developing new extensions and protocols. 


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand what is a discrete event simulation.
  • Describe the structure of network simulator 2.
  • Run basic simulations script for wired and wireless networks in NS2 environment.

Advanced topics:

  • Analyzing Trace files, generating graphs and performance evaluation.
  • Modifying source codes, developing new modules and creating patches.


  • Be familiar with basic computer programming.
  • Know the basics of computer networks.
  • Object oriented paradigm is recommended.


Photo de Ahmed Roumane

Ahmed Roumane

is teacher researcher at the National Institute of Telecommunication and Information and Communication Technology of Oran (INTTIC) Algeria, he is a member of its research Lab  LaRATIC. He has graduated as a telecom engineer at INTTIC.He worked for the Sonatrach company for two years as project supervisor, he gets his magister degree on ICT after his work on integrating a new link failure management method in the AODV routing protocol using NS2. Now, he is preparing a doctoral thesis on formal verification applied to communications protocols at the computer science department of the University of Oran 1. His main interest is on wireless communications and its protocol architecture.

 le programme de la formation
  • Introduction to NS2.
  • Components and tools.
  • Installation
  • Running basic example.
  • Background and Overview.
  • Tcl/OTcl Programming.
  • Creating a wired Scenario.
  • Enhancing the NAM output.
  • Creating a Wireless Scenario ( AODV).
  • Tracing formats for wired and wireless networks.
  • Post Trace Processing& Graph Generation.

NS Advanced topics:

  • Object oriented programming (C++)
  • Including C++ Modules into NS2 and the make Utility.
  • Linkage Between OTcl and C++ in NS2.
  • NS2 Discrete-Event Simulation Concept.
  • Network Objects: Creation, Configuration, and Packet Forwarding.
  • Nodes as Routers or Computer Hosts.
  • Link and Buffer Management.
  • Packets, Packet Headers, and Header Format.
  • Transport Control Protocols (TCP/UDP implementation).
  • Simulated Applications.
  • Processing an NS2 Simulation: Debugging, Tracing, and Result Compilation.
  • Developing New Modules for NS2

Case study AODV :

Introducing a new packet format.

Handling the new packet formats (receiving, sending and tracing).

Manipulating the routing table