Advanced BGP

Advanced BGP

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Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the routing technology that enables the largest and most sophisticated network in the world today - the Internet.

BGP is also one of the critical underlying foundations of new-world technologies such as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS).

trained by expert CCIE certified with 10 + years of training and working experience in production networks.

This must-have advanced routing course covers the theory of BGP, configuration of BGP on Cisco IOS routers, detailed troubleshooting information and hands-on exercises that provide students with the skills needed to configure and troubleshoot BGP networks in customer environments.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be prepared to design and implement efficient, optimal, and trouble free BGP networks.


  • Implement the correct BGP configuration to allow your network to act as an ISP
  • Configure BGP with multiple BGP connections to other autonomous systems
  • Configure a provider network to behave as a transit autonomous system (AS)
  • Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot basic BGP to enable inter-domain routing in a network scenario with multiple domains
  • Use BGP policy controls to influence the route selection process with minimal impact on BGP route processing in a network scenario where you must support connections to multiple ISPs
  • Configure BGP to connect the customer network to the Internet when multiple connections must be implemented
  • Enable route reflection and confederations as possible solutions to BGP scaling issues
  • Optimize the scalability of the BGP routing protocol in a typical network
  • And many other topics…


  • Everyone interested in running BGP to create reliable connectivity to the Internet.
  • Technical engineers and delegates seeking Cisco certifications including CCNP RS or CCNA/CCNP Service provider or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE Routing & Switching Version 5 ) or CCIE Service Provuder V3.
  • This course is recommended for any student interested in mastering advanced Internet and related Cisco technologies.


Photo de Amine HATTOU


Amine is a Networking expert he has more then 10 years experiance in ISP Core Network ; he hold serveral Certfications  from different Network equipement vendor ; the valuable one is CCIE "Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert". 

other cisco certificates :

Cisco certified academy instructor CCAI
Cisco instructor trainer (ITQ)

Juniper certificates: 

 le programme de la formation

Fundamentals of BGP Operations

  Foundation Topics

  Building BGP Neighbor Relationships

  Internal BGP Neighbors

  External BGP Neighbors

  Checks Before Becoming BGP Neighbors

  BGP Messages and Neighbor States

  BGP Message Types

  Purposefully Resetting BGP Peer Connections

  Building the BGP Table

  Injecting Routes/Prefixes into the BGP Table

  BGP network Command

  Redistributing from an IGP, Static, or Connected Route


  Manual Summaries and the AS_PATH Path Attribute

  Adding Default Routes to BGP

  ORIGIN Path Attribute

  Advertising BGP Routes to Neighbors

  BGP Update Message

  Determining the Contents of Updates

  Summary of Rules for Routes Advertised in BGP Updates

  Building the IP Routing Table

  Adding eBGP Routes to the IP Routing Table

  Backdoor Routes

  Adding iBGP Routes to the IP Routing Table

  Using Sync and Redistributing Routes

  Disabling Sync and Using BGP on All Routers in an AS


  Configuring Confederations

  Route Reflectors

  Multiprotocol BGP

  Configuration of Multiprotocol BGP



BGP Routing Policies

  Foundation Topics

  Route Filtering and Route Summarization

  Filtering BGP Updates Based on NLRI

  Route Map Rules for NLRI Filtering

  Soft Reconfiguration

  Comparing BGP Prefix Lists, Distribute Lists, and Route Maps

  Filtering Subnets of a Summary Using the aggregate-address Command

  Filtering BGP Updates by Matching the AS_PATH PA

  The BGP AS_PATH and AS_PATH Segment Types

  Using Regular Expressions to Match AS_PATH

  BGP Path Attributes and the BGP Decision Process

  Generic Terms and Characteristics of BGP PAs

  The BGP Decision Process

  Clarifications of the BGP Decision Process

  Configuring BGP Policies

  Background: BGP PAs and Features Used by Routing Policies


  BGP Communities

  Matching COMMUNITY with Community Lists

  Removing COMMUNITY Values

  Filtering NLRIs Using Special COMMUNITY Values

  Fast Convergence Enhancements

  Fast External Neighbor Loss Detection






============================LAB =============================

Establishing iBGP Peerings

Establishing eBGP Peerings

BGP Update Source Modification

Multihop EBGP Peerings

Neighbor Disable-Connected-Check

Authenticating BGP Peerings

iBGP Route Reflection

iBGP Confederation

BGP Next-Hop Processing

iBGP Synchronization

BGP over GRE

BGP Redistribute

BGP Peer Groups

BGP Network Statement

BGP Auto-Summary

BGP Bestpath Selection - Weight

BGP Bestpath Selection - Local Preference

BGP Bestpath Selection - AS-Path Prepending

BGP Bestpath Selection - Origin Code

BGP Bestpath Selection - MED

BGP Bestpath Selection - Always Compare MED

BGP Bestpath Selection - AS-Path Ignore

BGP Bestpath Selection - Router-IDs

BGP Bestpath Selection - DMZ Link Bandwidth

BGP Bestpath Selection - Maximum AS Limit

BGP Backdoor

BGP Aggregation

BGP Aggregation - Summary Only

BGP Aggregation - Suppress Map

BGP Aggregation - Unsuppress Map

BGP Aggregation - AS-Set

BGP Aggregation - Attribute-Map

BGP Aggregation - Advertise Map

BGP Communities

BGP Conditional Advertisement

BGP Conditional Route Injection

BGP Filtering with Prefix-Lists

BGP Filtering with Standard Access-Lists

BGP Filtering with Extended Access-Lists

BGP Regular Expressions

BGP Filtering with Maximum Prefix

BGP Default Routing

BGP Local AS

BGP Remove Private AS

BGP Timers Tuning

BGP Fast Fallover

BGP Outbound Route Filtering

BGP Soft Reconfiguration

BGP TTL Security

BGP AllowAS in